HAIR LISS KERATINE -  Brazilian Straightening Kit. 5

HAIR LISS KERATINE - Brazilian Straightening Kit. 5

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The Claude Bell Institute presents you its brand new BRAZILIAN STRAIGHTENING  KIT. These kits have been especially designed for all hair types to make it straight, soft and with a fine sheen in two hours. Use our  BRAZILIAN STRAIGHTENING and Aftercare kiT (5 piece)  for a persistent effect for up to two months.

Its keratin-enriched formula:

  • Repairs hair - the greater the damage to your hair is, the happier you’ll be with the results!
  • Makes hair sheen
  • Provide hair with a silky smooth feeling

Keratin care that respects and strengthens hair, enabling it to feel suppler, softer and be revitalized. BRAZILIAN STRAIGHTENING Kits are the best way of giving your hair a superb sheen while moisturising it.

Our BRAZILIAN STRAIGHTENING  kiTs are a formalin-free formula
Aurélie with her unmanageable hair Camille, and her curls that had a life of their own Lise with her curls she couldn’t do anything with
Brazilian Straightening Set: results



Our Hair Liss Keratine  – Brazilian Straightening and Aftercare Kit (5 Piece) contains :

  • 1 Keratin-based Clarifying Shampoo
  • 1 Keratin-based Straightening treatment
  • 1 Keratin-based No Rince Conditioner
  • 1 Keratin-enriched Shampoo for prolonging the straightening effect
  • 1 Keratin-enriched Conditioner for prolonging the straightening effect
  • Detailed instructions


Don’t use our BRAZILIAN STRAIGHTENING kiT on your hair if you’ve recently had it lightened, had streaks put in it or had it bleached.
We advise you to wait 3-4 weeks after your latest coloring before using our BRAZILIAN STRAIGHTENING kiT.

Additional Information

Package 5 Piece Kit - 2 x Tube 250 ml + 3 x Tube 50 ml


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